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Git is a very useful piece of software to help streamline development for programming projects. It comes with no language requirements nor file structure requirements, leaving it open for the developers to decide how they want to structure their workflow.

#install git
sudo apt-get install git

#creating local projects git

mkdir -p ~/git/test

cd ~/git/test

touch file

git init

git add .

git commit -m “Initial Commit” -a

#from next commits

git commit -m “Initial Commit” file

#The first step to being able to push code to a remote server is providing the URL
git remote add origin ssh://git@git.domain.in/repository.git

#To see a list of all remotes
git remote -v
origin ssh://git@git.domain.in/repository.git (fetch)
origin ssh://git@git.domain.in/repository.git (push)

#Once you have a remote configured,
git push origin master

#”git push” tells git that we want to push our changes, “origin” is the name of our newly-configured remote server and “master” is the name of the first branch.
I hope you can use this for your project developments 🙂

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