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Most of the corporate companies never allow unwanted ports to for external access. I faced the same issue when i was trying to access my computer(had public IP) over ssh. I got ssh connection timed out error. Then i realized that sitting behind a firewall and trying to use ssh over port 22 will not help.

How to hack firewall for ssh access?

How do i then log in into my remote computer by penetrating firewall. It is not easy. Ssh server is running on ubuntu-9.10(it has Dynamic public IP address) and i am accessing the same from Ubuntu-9.04 on virtual box via firewall.

First Attempt:

$ ssh -p 22 arun@xx.xx.xx.xx

Error: Connection timed out

Second Attempt:

I got one idea to break the barrier.  I changed the ssh server port number to 80 in “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” file

“Port 22” to “Port 80”. Then tried connecting ssh over port 80, does not helped

$ ssh -p 80 arun@xx.xx.xx

Error: Connection timed out

Third Attempt:

Most of the corporate companies allow “HTTPS” connections , it means on firewall port 443 opened for external access. So that is enough for us to access SSH server sitting behind the strict firewall.So change the ssh server port number to  “Port 22” to “Port 443” in “/etc/ssh/sshd_config”. This is worked liked anything.

Success…Happy Hacking Enjoy..

$ ssh -p 443 arun@xx.xx.xx.xx


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