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How to Mount ISO Files On Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

What is iso image??

It is a compressed archive file that includes all the data files. It is defined by International Standard for Organisation(ISO). It has “.iso” file extension and the same file can be burned on CD/DVD’s

How to mount ISO file on my Ubuntu 9.10 Linux / Other Linux box’s ??

On recent ubuntu linux mounts iso files automatically when u double click the .iso files. Otherwise you can mount iso manually.

$ sudo mount -o loop <ISO file path> <mount point>

How to unmount ??

$ sudo umount <mount point>

When you are trying to unmount you will often get some errors like this:
arun@arun-laptop:/mnt$ sudo umount /mnt/
umount: /mnt: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))

Check whether you are still accessing the mount point.If so come out of that directory, then try un mounting the mount directory.


Here iso file being mounted as “loopback device”. you can identify the mount point using ” $ mount” command

ex. dev/loop0 on /mnt type iso9660 (rw)

unmount it using this command, here loop[1-9]
$ sudo umount /dev/loop0

—>F0$$ f0r C0mm0N maN<—


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