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what is Android ?? Any guess…

Yes by definition “Android” means “an automaton that resembles a human being”

Not only that geek..it is a Mobile Operating System running on Linux kernel and it is the first Mobile OS that is running top of the Linux kernel.

Android project was started by Go-ogle and Open Handset Alliance, later they released it as a open source project for mobile phones. Android running its applications on top of Dalvik Virtual Machine(DVM) completely rewritten in java for mobile platforms.

Here Linux kernel sources are released under GPLv2 license and application sources are released under  Apache licenses

Android also released its API to the developers explore more through Android SDK. There are three major SDK release from Android development team: SDK-1.1 release 1- February 2009 , SDK-1.5, release 3– July 2009 and SDK-1.6 Release 1 September 2009, then now Android SDK-2.0 release 1- October 2009. You can download and install SDK on your Linux machine for installation instructions click here .

Write your own application for android and post  the application on market place get money.

Android was initially targeted to run on ARM(RISC architecture) platform then later they made it to run on x86(CISC architectures) platforms. There are plenty of mobile phones and net book’s are going to come in market. HTC released his G1 mobile that is powered by Android and also Asus eeePc running on Android. :(-

all the major Mobile manufactures are turned into Android. within a year you can see the growth and rich features in Android. In next article we will see how to install Android on Ubuntu Linux.


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Vivekanandha vidayalya arranged for a science exhibition on 7-8,Nov-2009 and invited Ubuntu Tamil Team through Mr.Ravichandran, swadeshi Iyakkam for giving a demo at the science exhibition.

The event was intimated before 3 days. So, Not able to arrange volunteers. Even though got 4 volunteers including me(Thangamani Arun), Raji, Basker and Amachu.

we showed demo for following education s/w on Ubuntu-9.04 Desktop Linux.

1. Gcc
2. Gcompris
3. Stellarium
4. kalzium
5. Kstars
6. Drgeo
7. Tamil Typing demo using ibus
Vivekanandha vidayalya has two schools in places perambur as well as in vyasarpadi.We have to give demo in two schools for two days. First day Raji and Basker gave demo in perambur school and I took responsibility of giving demo at Vyasarpadi school.

First Day Exhibition was started very late at 10:30 due to rain in Chennai and the school principal inaugurated the exhibition also he visited our demo stall. I explained briefly about FOSS and its importance.

School provides one PC, I had one laptop. I had a external USB HDD with pre installed Ubuntu Linux on it. I just hooked my USB cable and able to boot Ubuntu for demo. 

Only few students were known Linux not much. They played with Ubuntu and educational softwares. students are exited while showing Stellarium and kalzium

One the +2 student asked me “C” programming in Linux. I written a “HelloWorld” program and i explained how to compile and run the programs.

Many of them excited seeing Ubuntu Linux and the applications. and they asked for the Ubuntu CDs and i had Ubuntu-9.10 iso’s already, burned and gave them. Few of the students and parents asked for the installation demo. i did installation demo too.

2nd Day: Me taken care at vyasarpadi school and Amachu @ perambur school. Sunday is holiday for every one. So  most of parents were came along with the students for the exhibition. Around 800+ students were participated and heard about FOSS and Ubuntu Linux.This event was really went well.

Thanks a lot to and Ravichandran from Swadeshi Iyakkam, Raji, Basker,Thangamani Arun, and Amachu for success of this event on behalf of ILUGC and Ubuntu Tamil Team

For event pictures click here

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